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Onzestt Staffing

Staffing Solutions for your projects 

Staffing Solution Offerings

At Onzestt, we comprehend the significance of having areas of strength for a committed group to carry your business to a higher level. That is the reason we’re committed to furnishing you with experienced and prepared recruiters who can assist you with accomplishing your business objectives. We know there’s no one way to deal with tracking down the ideal individuals for your business. That is the reason we offer a custom fitted arrangement planned explicitly for your requirements. Our screened profiles ensure that the resource is talented and experienced, guaranteeing you get the most ideal solution on your projects. We’re here to assist you with succeeding, and Onzestt is devoted to getting that going.

Long term Hiring

When you have a project visibility for long term we are here to help with your long resource requirement needs.

Short Term Hiring

For projects that require short enagement of resources, we have the resources to plug-and-play instantly.

Payroll Management

We are experts at managing payrolls as we have the right experience to handle the legal ascpects of payrolling.

Offshore Teams

We build teams that can work remotely on your projects with our infrastructure.


Deploy your complete development center offsite with our world class resource and infrastructure.

Training Programs

We design and develop tailor made programs to train your resources on specific tools amd technologies.


We deploy and manage your HRMS system with an efficient team that can take care of your all HR requirements.


If we are looking for the entire project to be outsourced we have team that can be deployed quickly.

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