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Onzestt Engineering

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Onzestt Services is a key engineering solution provider for various industry sectors. We are a one-stop solution for companies looking at Product Realization solutions in the areas of Mechanical, IT and Electronics engineering. Our services and solutions cover the complete breadth of product development life-cycle starting from ideation to actual realization of the product. We have successfully partnered with companies in establishing their product design objectives.

Cutting across industry verticals, our project teams can take up any new product initiation or blend well with existing programs to augment and fasten product realization time. Our business areas include :

  • Specialized services in Mechanical, Electronics and IT platforms for any industry.
  • Industry specific solutions for Automotive, Aerospace, Heavy Equipments, Oil/Gas and Hi-Tech
  • Capital equipment distribution of cutting edge technology OEM’s.

At ONZESTT we understand your vision and requirements, to turn them into world-class products. Our experts work closely with your product development team to determine the right technology needed to achieve the best design, materials and manufacturing. Our process starts with a clear understanding of all technical, quality and safety requirements.

Our product design and manufacturing capabilities enable companies to seamlessly embrace the digital world to transform their traditional business processes into next-generation businesses designed for peak performance.

Application Development

Software Development

Onzestt’s Engineering Software services specifically cater to the engineering aspect of any product. The service offering can be broadly classified into two streams of: a) New standalone software development to support engineering design activity and b) software development on an implemented platform to improve productivity or enhance upon existing features of a software. Our experience in developing enterprise level applications, helps us to understand the nuances of each engineering problem. We not only work on development of software as per specification but involve in defining the problem statement by studying processes to identify gaps. We capture and report progressive changes by measuring metrics pre and post implementation.


Onzestt’s Mechanical Engineering team has a proven track record of successfully executing projects of high complexity. Our virtual design and production team augment well to deliver the best solutions as planned. Having worked for customers in different geographical locations, we are familiar with manufacturing and design standards that have to be considered during the course of execution. DFMA is one of the key considerations in all of our designs. From providing CAD services we have grown to incorporate variety of manufacturing and RPT methods into our service portfolio. By continuously applying value engineering techniques at various phases of design we make the right choices with costing considerations.


We have established an eco-system that caters to embedded systems design requirements for multiple platforms. Today’s electronics engineering scenario required highly robust teams to adapt quickly to ever-changing demands of the consumer market. With newer technology making rapid progress, cross functional delivery teams are the need of the hour. Our electronics service offerings include:

  • Embedded System Design
  • PCB Design and Prototyping
  • Complete electronics product design from concept to release with CE Mark, FCC, UL etc.
  • Re-engineering services
  • Study of blueprints, Design and Installation of electro-mechanical systems, Testing, Performance Tuning, Programming and Adjusting equipment to obtain optimum operating performance
  • Wireless / Bluetooth
  • Communication Protocols
  • Interfacing a external peripherals such as Real time clocks (RTCs), Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Inclinometer, USB controller etc
  • Microcontrollers
  • User interface hardware (I/O)
  • Sensors


Our Enterprise PLM solution offerings help customers to map their business processes achieve PLM implementation objective. With PLM systems talking to various other implementations like ERP, CRM, HCM and SCM, the information exchange has increased multi-fold to make product data available real-time. This calls for a lot of customization on top of OOB features of a PLM application. Onzestt’s expertise on product realization processes and business logic incorporation makes it the right choice for organizations looking to optimize their processes.


Today’s hypercompetitive global economy requires companies to reduce cost and time to market while accelerating their ability to innovate. The complex needs require updated and integrated models that include leveraging low cost, high capability resources both globally and domestically.

We provide integrated detail engineering services for Industrial Design as well as detailed engineering, intelligent 3D plant modeling and plant data management services.

We cover industries like Offshore Platforms, Well Head Platforms, Subsea, Power Plants, Water Treatment.

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