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Construction & Civil Projects

Build better Infra with ONZESTT Construction

We continuously strive to deliver the best as far as all construction and civil works are concerned. Each project goes through a standard project management which ensures that the client can track and see progress as the work is progressing.



Every Civil work that we take up is planned to perfection. Experienced Teams are deployed to ensure that the standards are followed to complete the project on time.  

Road Works
Pipe/Cable Laying
Canal Works
Smart Cities
Smart Buildings & INFRA

Road Works

Making of roads or bridges is often related to snarling travel and diversion of traffic, particularly in crowded cities. Whilst building the roadway, we make sure to tell the authority, approximately the diversions or new planning required. This guarantees to hold the disturbance away from each day commuters and drivers. We are secure only when the roads are secure.

Our road creation offerings are presented with the support of reliable monetary backing and institutions with expert engineering professionals. As road construction Contractors, we do:
– Surfacing works
– Excavation
– Reconstruction, stone & block paving
– Asphalt surfacing
– Street planing, and production
– Refurbishment or resurfacing of roads

Cable and Pipe Laying Services

Onzestt has a dedicated team of engineers and contractors who regularly work on cabling and piping projects. With a plethora of skills and experience we can provide the technical expertise to complete the projects successfully.

With pipe and cable laying projects in particular we need to have excellent collaboation with all the stakeholders involved to ensure that the work is completed without any hassles. We take care of the planning, documenatation, material handling, equipment and labor management to ensure that all dimensions of the project planning are covered to avoid slippages.

Building Construction

Onzestt has the right mix of experience and creativity to work on modern technologies in construction of buildings. We have a project management team to ensure that every construction project that is taken up is delivered on time everytime. Our engineering team will provide you with the best BOQ based on your choice of materials and taste. Our construction porfolio includes commercial as well as resedential buildings which are delivered as per the agreed plan.
We would love to take up challenging projects that involve use of new materials and innovative technologies to make the construction faster and better.

Right from the first to the last brick of the building, we take care of every aspect to ensure smooth and timely delivery.

Irrigation and Water Works

Water and irrigation projects require proper planning to ensure that the pathways and flow is unobstructed, keeping in mind the future projects and other hurdles that could crop up at a later stage. We have the expertise to work on irrigation projects which include Canal, water and sewage pipelines, siphon and aqueducts etc.

Irrigation projects include earthwork, evacuation, concrete linings, providing reinforcement, concrete for structures whilst taking care of roadways or any other obstacles that require planning for the flow. Our team has a planning division that will showcase in advance the project plan and drawings for approvals before starting the project.

Smart Cities

Development of smart cities are very much required for a sustainable future. We at Onzestt can implement solutions which are smart city centric.

In addition to the construction, our Electronics and Information Technology teams get involved in the implementation of IoT and other connectivity related features that will give us access to data for analytics. This data can be further used for taking decisions to make smart places more efficient and sustainable. We develop custom-made solutions based on the requirement of the City Corporations/authorities. A Proof-of-Concept will be designed and presented to the authorities before they decide to go ahead with the implementation.

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