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Staffing Services

We have an experienced team that can scout for the best talent for your all your project needs.

Quality Services

At Onzestt we have the a team of recruiters that have the relevant domain experience to deliver the best results.


We are a group of Innovative Engineers who can deliver cutting edge products and solutions for the industry.

Valuable Ideas

We Design, Develop and Deliver the best Engineering Solutions for various sectors.


With numerours projects completed on time, we add a professional touch to the Construction Industry.

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Our strength lies in quickly deploying teams on various construction projects to ensure quick deilveries as pers the planned schedule.


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Resource Planning & Management

Onzestt has vast experience in providing the right team to work on your projects. We have been in the staffing business since initiation and have HR personnel with 15+ years of experience in the staffing business. Apart from the staffing team that works on ongoing requirements for different businesses, our in-house team has played a very important role in fulfilling customers resource demands. We have a strong bench to make sure that resources are readily available for projects on short notice.

The processes that we follow in selecting the right candidate are very streamlined making us achieve high selection rates. We have big teams working for major OEM’s and they have aligned well to their strategic business initiatives. From small teams to large delivery teams we have the right blend of engineers to cater to your onsite/offsite catering needs.


Engineering Services

At ONZESTT, we have the right experience to work on product launch, concept designs and the engineering that is involved in the lifecycle of a product.

Achieve a faster product launch – Crunch lead time to release your products to market. ONZESTT’s Product Design and development team has years of experience in designing new products starting from the first concept sketch to building the manufacturable prototype.

Concepts – Innovation is the key to our success. Customers can choose from myriad concepts that we generate by quickly analyzing the product requirements.

Complete Lifecycle Coverage – Our solutions don’t just stop with product design and development but also encompasses its integration with other modular systems. This removes the necessity for companies to look for multiple vendors.

Quick Turnarounds – A new product development program requires quick movement from one phase to the other keeping all resource constraints in mind. The three key parameters of quality, time and cost are always on our pin-board.


ONZESTT has been a pioneer in providing construction services with an uncompromised commitment to Quality, Safety, and Environment. We do this through the combination of an open relationship with our employees based on mutual trust, transparency, accountability, and discipline.

In preparation to meet the growing market demands for diverse construction, ONZESTT has employed a highly qualified management team and staff to meet standards. We have state-of-the-art equipment to participate in upcoming, challenging large-scale projects.

Being proud of our achievements, we will continue to further enhance our commitment and capabilities in the construction industry with integrity, and strive for business excellence.

Product Design and Development

We convert ideas to reality – Onzestt was started with this core concept of bringing ideas to life by going through all stages involved in the product development cycle. Ranging from simple automation to complex industrial products, we cater to a wide range of industries.

This offering in particular is unique in the sense that it covers all aspects of IT, electronics and mechanical engineering packaged into one service. Onzestt has the right blend of experienced engineers to work on various product development programs.

Design Concepts

We cover all the following process in our Idea to product realization philosophy. Onzestt has worked on specific process or programs where our expertise has been used to implemented the required phase. If you’re idea seed is just sown or if your product is in a relatively mature phase of development of development, our team can lend its expertise to release products in line with the project plan.


We build product prototypes from the approved concept designs. The working prototypes can tested for form, fit and function to finalize the product for mass manufacturing.


When the final design is ready, we take up the job work and oversee the procurement supply chain, mass manufacturing, QA/QC and product dispatch.

Why Choose Us

With years of experience in delivering world-class solutions and products to our customers, we strive to give you the best everytime. Our passion to deliver the best solutions on time is what separates us from the our competitors.

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